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The god of wine is Bulgarian!

Due to the uneconomical pricing policy of the Planned Economy (among other things dictated by the Soviet Union) total wine-growing area under cultivation reduced from the 80s to around 160,000 hectares today.
With entry into the EU and the associated commercial ambitions, top-quality young fruity and oak-matured wines, full of character, are increasingly produced from uniquely indigenous grape varieties and European quality grape varieties.

Wines – such as the Mundus vini Gold medal winner Zar Simeon Reserva– are now finally also reaching Western European connoisseurs’ palates through the specialist wine and spirits trade (mostly for under 10 euros a bottle) and the upper echelons of gastronomy.

By the way, in confidence: Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility, is of Thracian descent and therefore – from today’s perspective – Bulgarian!