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Insider tips

In the “Chateau Euxinograd” wine merchants outside Varna (8 km north on the E87 before Sveti Konstantin) some of Bulgaria’s best wines are available at very reasonable prices: red and white wine for 3 euros, the unique “Euxignac” (20 year-old premium brandy) for 20 euros a bottle.

In the “Chateau Polychronoff” wine cellar you will be introduced to the age-old tradition of this rich wine-growing region around Byala. (The coastal town of Byala is some 50 km south of Varna.) “Chateau Polychronoff” specialises in the production of vintage red and white wines, produced mainly for exclusive wine tasting.
Don’t miss the tasting of Merlot, Dimyat, Chardonnay, Rose or Pamid in the wine tasting room!

Last but not least: When we celebrate Valentine’s Day, the whole of Bulgaria celebrates “Trifon Zarezan”, Wine-growers’ Day. In the old tradition, on 14th February the vines are pruned and wine is sprinkled over them so that they flourish particularly well. In fact, this public holiday dedicated to wine should come as no great surprise when you realise that in Bulgaria there are more wine-growing areas than in France…