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The healthy gourmet cuisine…

Admittedly, without an insider tip you will hardly find any Bulgarian restaurant today that will serve the true culinary treasures of Bulgaria. Yet just a visit to a simple, select Bulgarian restaurant can give your finely-tuned palate such a pleasant surprise that you will return again and again…

You can “blame” the selection of seasonal fresh ingredients, something that comes so naturally to Bulgarians, and the way they are prepared and served – in traditional clay pots, for instance.
Here the dishes are gently cooked simultaneously over a small flame, boiled, fried or stewed or pot-roast over a wood fire. In this way the original flavour-carriers of the nutrients are preserved to a high degree. Refined by the chef’s closely guarded seasoning secrets, so you can enjoy sheer delight with dishes such as:

  • Banska kavurma
    (meat and vegetable stew in a ceramic pot),
  • Dobrujanska supa ( Bulgarian bouillabaisse with Danube fish and Black Sea mussels),
  • Rodopsko cheverme
    (lamb grilled over an open fire).

As hors d’oeuvres you should try a “Shopska salata” (a mixed salad with tomatoes, cucumbers etc. and grated sheep’s cheese. It is served with bread fresh from the oven, and often also thinly sliced Lukanka (air-dried Bulgarian “salami”) or a selection of cheeses arranged on a ceramic platter.
And wouldn’t you like pancake with honey and walnuts as dessert?