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Culinary culture at its purest …

Please forget everything you have heard, read or eaten in connection with Bulgaria and what is referred to as Balkan cuisine.
Sit back, relax and read what is actually in store for you when you are treated to the true national delicacies
Like the down-to-earth, proud nature of its people, Bulgaria’s independent culinary culture has its roots in its own original, rustic cuisine. … more

Divine wines…

Don’t cry, France, but Europe’s first vintners were the (Proto)Bulgarians. As early as 5,000 years before the birth of Christ, they, the Thracians, brought the first vines with them from Asia and in the Mariza valley (today’s city of Plovdiv) grew the Pamid – one of the oldest varieties of wine
The wine tradition was continued in the east of Bulgaria with many variations. ... more

Say “cheese”…

Did you know you can speak at least one word of the virtually extinct Proto-Bulgarian language?
Yoghurt means “firm-set milk” and it was the Bulgarians who discovered it.
More than 1,300 years ago the people in the region of today’s Bulgaria were making “Katuk” from sheep’s ... more