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Slow Food – also a Bulgarian gastronomic culture…

You are right: the Bulgarians did not invent the slow food concept. But they were living the philosophy of the popular connoisseur movement for hundreds of years before McDonald’s & Co. came into existence.

The Slow Food organisation founded in 1989 by Carlo Petrini, publicist and editor of the Guide to Wines of the World today unites over 80,000 bon-vivants in more than 100 countries.
“Buono, pulito e giusto” – good, clean, fair and contrary to the bustle of everyday life is what the opponents of fast food want of the “new gastronomy”.

What concerns the “slow eaters” here is not just the mutual enjoyment of opulent meals with all the time in the world.
Slow Food is also and in particular about retaining local food specialities and promoting projects for the “defence” of regional varieties of fruit, vegetables & grain and breeds of livestock.

This commitment to regional cuisine and with it, genuine good taste goes well with the , just as Chardonnay and marinated bass go together.
The Bulgarians enjoy sitting round the table for long periods. The evening meal in particular is an occasion to be enjoyed together with family and friends. In many traditional restaurants, when work is finished, they celebrate ‘Feier-Abend’, literally ‘celebrate the evening’, accompanied by live Bulgarian folk music. The folklore dances and costumes are a must for this.
Guests are always welcome and should not miss out on the impressive potpourri served up with their Slow Food feast…